como adoptar

How to Adopt


Before you take the decision reflect well on linking your animal’s life and for many years. You will be their chief, his caregiver and friend for the rest of his life. You should bear this in mind for all your plans in the coming years, most likely more than a decade. Links are generated exceptional moments and live very happy, but not everyone is prepared for such responsibility. So the first thing: think again. Not a toy.


When you’ve made ​​the decision speaks to us about the type of animal you want (age, sex, nature …). We help and advise so that you know that dogs or cats can better adapt to what you want.


We will make a series of questions (in writing or by telephone) to learn more about yourself and the home you will give the dog or cat. After a volunteer will advise you and show you at all times as you can meet the new family member.


We are a non-profit NGO, against the sale of animals. So we ask the adopter is a help for vaccines, the chip, primer and other expenses of your pet. The contribution is at least 50 euros and 75 euros at most, depending on whether or not the pet transport.

como adoptar

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